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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long Long Time Bad Bad Me

Hi everyone. It's been a long time about 4month since I've posted. I set up word of the year and thought I can handle it and I failed terribly. Well, I have to say I have been thinking about ya'll all the time and afraid  to come back and post because I felt like I had abandon ya'll which I did. I want to apoligize to everyone; I'm SORRY. I just didn't know how to come back. Then, I thought they are my supporters whether it's good or bad. Now, I have to update ya'll about me. Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays you know I had gained a total of 6 pounds. New Years I set a word of the Year and didn't hol myself to it. I stopped exercising and started eating all the wrong foods. The good news is that I didn't gain any pounds Since December and didn't really lose much either. I've also stop getting on the scale, because I was afraid to see the results. I am now a Zumba Instructor didn't think I would survived that but I did. I chose to become a Zumba instructor because I thought it would boost me up to workout.  Now, I'm exercising again started a week ago. I've met my Guardian Angel Lisa Barika. During the workout I think she's the devil but I know it's all worth it. I don't regret it at all. Remember I have never gone and workout in the gym and now we are hitting it hard. I must say since I started working out I've lost 2 pounds My weight 207lbs. Yay!!!!!!!!


  1. I just found your blog through an old post on LBT. Con't wait to follow your adventures with Zumba and WL! -BG

    I'm here:

  2. HI! I haven't been on your site in a while. I'm glad you are doing well. Guess what? I have a date...7/26/10. My insurance approved the lapband procedure!! I loved Zumba when I was doing it. I'm definitely going back to it.